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Citizen’s and legal entities’ resorts handling status was considered at the meeting of the Board of the Investigative Committee

Work with citizens is one of the major criteria of government authorities’ activity assessment thus this work requires constant improvement, search for new forms of people feedback, including resorts’ review and monitoring, more active participation of direct telephone lines, field meetings, personal communication between the heads of investigative departments with the applicants. 

As Ivan Noskevich, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee, emphasized the person who had applied with the problem had to be at the center of the Committee’s staff’s attention. 

“Protection of the rights and legitimate interests of applicants always occupied the principal place in the work of the investigative departments. All issues must be resolved timely and efficiently within the scope of competence and the legislation.” – the Head of the Committee stated. 

Having listened to and discussed information on the state of the investigative authorities’ work in this direction the Board took a range of decisions. The decisions envisage organizational and practical events aimed to improve the efficiency of authorities’ work with people; taking measures aimed at provision of additional accessibility and efficiency in solving each person’s urgent problems, prevention of any fact of formalism, overextension of consideration terms, disrespect to people, indifference to their fate and needs, further improvement of legislation in the sphere of citizens’ and legal entities’ resorts consideration.