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Ivan Noskevich carried out operational meeting with the heads of the investigative departments

Operational meeting on the working results of the investigative departments for 2016 was held at the Central Office of the Investigative Committee. 

During discussion it was noted that clearance rate of the crimes investigated by departments of the committee is constantly growing and comprises 68,8%. According to the working results for 2012 clearance rate comprised 59,8%, for 2013 - 63,2%, for 2014 - 66,2%, for 2015 - 68,1%.

Focused work on recovery of damage inflicted by crimes is in progress. The level of recoverability for 8 months of 2016 has increased by 1.7 times in comparison with the same period of the previous year and in monetary terms amounted to 34.4 million roubles. Also property in the amount of 11.5 million roubles was seized in order to ensure damage recovery. 

The Committee succeeded in significant increase of preventive work. For 8 months of 2016 the investigators made 30 555 submissions on elimination of the law violations, causes and conditions that contributed to the commission of crimes. Investigators personally reported 7 734 submissions to labour collectives. 

Response measures were taken in relation to 2860 officials on the results of consideration of submissions. Disciplinary actions were applied to 1438 officials. 123 of them were dismissed.  

At the end of the meeting Ivan Noskevich, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee, gave specific orders to the Heads of investigative departments regarding certain fields of the Committee activities.