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Ivan Noskevich: “We hope that our cooperation with the Academy of Public Administration will only be expanding”

In order to learn public opinion on this or that issue it is better to communicate with people than order a research. After all each person wants to be not only listened to but also heard. It is particularly important for the youth who strive to be settled in life and is ready to share their ideas. The State supports in every possible way this initiative as it understands that young people want not only to make Belarus better but are able to do it. 

The possibility to be heard and raise acute problems is provided by the project “Opened dialog” organized by BRSM. This project is a discussion platform that allows youth to ask their questions directly to politicians, public persons and government officials.  

Within the frameworks of this project Ivan Noskevich, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee, met with students of the Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus. 

Ivan Noskevich began the meeting with presentation of the Committee. He elaborated on the specifics of the Investigative Committee operation, on the peculiarities various criminal cases investigation, on the difficulties that investigators face and ways of their successful solving. He talked about details of crimes classification on the example of the criminal case on heinous road accident happened on Mogilevskaya ul. 

Separately, the Chairman highlighted the achievements of the Investigative Committee in the investigation of crimes in sphere of high technologies, having noticed that the increase in the number of such offences is the established trend of the recent years. Taking into consideration the development of the IT sphere, the Investigative Committee intends to pay close attention to training of specialists capable to see into the intricacies of the crimes committed with the use of the Internet and computer hardware. 

In his speech Ivan Noskevich noticed with satisfaction a cooperation level of the Investigative Committee with the Academy and its academic teaching staff. 

“We propose to the Academy of Public Administration to establish a branch of an academic department at the premises of Investigative Committee. Most likely, it will be practice-oriented specialties, to make it possible for students attend the Investigative Committee not only in practical training periods: on-the-job, introductory, pre-graduation). It is, allegedly, as some kind of assistance, participation as voluntary assistants” – the Chairman said. 

Ivan Noskevich also reported that addressing the issue of creating an innovation platform at the premises of the Investigative Committee was in progress. The platform would make it possible for the Academy’s students to participate in some practical events without passing through the formal procedures. 

In the course of the next part of the meeting the students had possibility to ask questions on the topics of their interest. And they snatched the opportunity: the answers covered all possible spheres of life, which were related both to the Chairman personally and the Committee headed by him:  concerning the peculiarities of preliminary investigation authorities’ work, the investigation of certain criminal cases as well as on the activities of Ivan Noskevich as the Chairman of the Brest Regional Handball Federation. 

“I am pleased that our youth tries to grasp the essence of ongoing processes. Today’s meeting convinces me that the future talented investigators will join us.” – Ivan Noskevich noted. 

After the meeting the authors of the best questions received small memorable gifts from the Chairman.