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Participants of the international criminal organization are accused of hashish smuggling


Administration of the Investigative Committee for Minsk region completed investigation of the criminal case against participants of the international criminal organization that had been engaged into dangerous drug hashish smuggling through the customs border of the Republic of Belarus for several years. 

The result of the coordinated actions and great analytical work of investigators with the officer of Department for Drug Control and Trafficking in Human Beings Combatting of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was the disclosure of the drug business organization scheme, the detention of the organizer and perpetrators of criminal activities. 

According to the data of investigation 43-year-old citizen of the Republic of Belarus created a criminal organization consisting of several international organized groups brought together, acting under his leadership during the period from 2010 to 2015 in the countries of the European Union, Belarus, Ukraine and the Russian Federation. 

Roles of the participants in the criminal activities were clearly divided and conspired. Each of them performed the allotted tasks and responsibilities on hashish transportation from the countries of the European Union to Belarus, where it was forwarded to Russia for further sale. Received profit amounted to millions of dollars.

In the course of the investigation a large consignment of dangerous drugs was confiscated. About 300 kilograms of hashish was uncovered in professionally made false compartments in vehicles. The defendants’ property including real estate units was arrested. Investigative authority recognized the discovered motor vehicles, computer hardware, mobile devices used for criminal purposes as material evidence. 

Leader and two members of the criminal organization were detained in the near-abroad countries at the international requests of the Belarusian law-enforcement authorities. Two Belarusians are still on the international wanted list. 

Criminal case against five accused, arrested in the territory of the Republic of Belarus was sent over to the Prosecutor’s Office for further forwarding to the court. Depending on their role in the crime commission their actions were qualified by the investigative authority as illicit traffic in narcotic drugs on a large scale being members of the criminal organization; smuggling, motor vehicle’s VIN number destruction and forgery; attempt of narcotic drugs’ illicit trafficking through the State border of the Republic of Belarus being members of the criminal organization.  

Authorized representative of the Administration of the Investigative Committee for Minsk region 
Tatiana Belonog

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