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The Chairman of the Investigative Committee made a working trip to Grodno region

Working trip to Grodno region was planned on the 5th and 6th of October in a busy schedule of Ivan Noskevich, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee. The Head of the Committee visited a number of regional investigative departments. Such form of work allows to examine personally the state of matters at local level, working conditions of subordinated employees, deeply go into details of high-profile and most difficult criminal cases investigation, in the course of communication with personnel learn the issues of their concern, especially those arising on the part of young officers. 

When visiting the Smorgon, Oshmyany and Ostrovets district offices of the Investigative Committee, the Chief investigator of the country dwelled primarily on the aforementioned issues, without leaving unattended other important components of official activities. In particular, he checked out the organization of receiving and dealing with citizens’ resorts; personally assessed the level of investigators’ theoretical training; studied the course of investigation of criminal cases and disposal of verification materials. The Chairman also was present in the course of separate investigative activities carried out during his visit. 

Ivan Noskevich closely looked at ensuring of completeness of damage recovery inflicted by crimes, as well as at organization of work on reduction of the number of previously suspended criminal cases because of failure to identify person subject to indictment, and expert support in the criminal process and its optimization.  Issues on organization of mentoring and work on young employees’ professional skills improvement, compliance with law and observing discipline, records management, safeguarding of material evidence, the contents of the archives and other issues were not left unattended. 

In order to further improve the official activities the Chairman of the Investigative Committee gave a range of practical orders and recommendations relating to improvement of criminal cases’ investigation methods, their forensic component with due account of the visited districts’ specific character determined by their border location. 

Within his working visit on the 6th of October Ivan Noskevich held office hours for citizens working at Ostrovets Nuclear Power Plant, and held a business meeting with the management of the strategic power site.  

Authorized representative of the Administration of the Investigative Committee for Grodno region
Sergey Shershenevich