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U.S. citizen falls to death in Minsk

An investigation is underway into the demise of a U.S. citizen in Minsk, BelTA learned from Yulia Goncharova, spokeswoman for Belarus' Investigative Committee. 

It has been ascertained that a man's body with signs of falling from a height was found on the roof of the bar in a Minsk hotel complex at about midnight on 12 June 2017. The investigators are now waiting for the final results of the forensic medical examination to add to the ongoing investigation. 

After examining the location and gathering facts the investigators found out that a guest of the hotel climbed out of the window (there is no balcony) and fell to his death from the tenth floor. The man's body has been identified. He was a U.S. citizen born in 1981. He arrived in Belarus together with two female relatives for a powerlifting championship. 

The investigators questioned all the hotel employees, who worked on that day and night. An interpreter was invited for the sake of talking to the relatives of the dead man. All the testimonies were added to the investigation materials. 

According to a preliminary conclusion of the State Forensic Examination Committee of Belarus, the death was the result of traumas caused by falling from a height. No other injuries were found. 

The gathered information indicates that the man's death was not caused by criminal actions and was as an accident.

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