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The investigators of the capital met with children of the shelter
For several years, the Leninsky District Department of the Investigative Committee (in Minsk) has been providing assistance and organizing various activities for the children of the sponsored social and pedagogical...
Minsk Resident accused of theft of funds from foreigners’ bankcards
In the beginning of September, 2019, the Investigation Department of the Criminal Investigations Department in Minsk initiated a criminal case on the fact of theft by using computer equipment
Robbery at a jewelry store in Minsk: suspects detained
On the morning of August 17, 2019, at about 11:30, two unidentified persons entered the trading floor of the store, sprayed pepper gas, and handcuffed the sellers. Then they smashed display cases, took mostly gold...
Belarus, USA to step up cooperation in combating illegal drug trade
The Central Office of the Investigative Committee of Belarus hosted a working meeting with representatives of Russia's Office of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) at the U.S. Department of Justice on 13...
Lukashenko to meet with Belarusian law enforcement soon
Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko received a report of Chairman of the Investigation Committee Ivan Noskevich on 13 August, BelTA informs
Working meeting with the staff of the US Immigration and Custom Enforcement Office: issues of cooperation discussed
On the initiative of the American party in the Central office of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus on August 2, 2019, a working meeting with the staff of Immigration and Customs Enforcement of...
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