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Plans for cybercrime divisions in every oblast of Belarus
The Investigation Committee of Belarus intends to set up cybercrime investigation divisions in all the oblast branches of the Committee
Lukashenko expects more legislative initiatives from Investigation Committee
When speaking about the objectives and functions of the Investigation Committee, Alexander Lukashenko said that he had no particular complaints about the investigative practices
Lukashenko: Belarus' Investigation Committee was founded to help people
The Investigation Committee was founded not for the sake of performance indicators but for helping people, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said at the extended meeting of the board of the Investigation...
Belarus president views bribe-taking law enforcers as traitors
Alexander Lukashenko said he was confident that the most dreadful thing is the people, whose job is to fight corruption yet they take bribes. “It is a treason. The worst quality of a human being,” stressed the...
Illegal migration channel of citizen of Syria to EU Member States have been suppressed
Administration for Minsk city of the Investigative Committee completed investigation of a criminal case initiated against 60-year citizen of the Republic of Turkey, who arranged illegal migration channel to EU...
Cybercrime is an international notion
Working meeting with participation of the Advisor of the Economic Department of the Embassy of the French Republic to the Russian Federation on Intellectual Property Issues in the CIS countries and Georgia, Ms....
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