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New impulse to bilateral cooperation
“Our cooperation is a clear evidence of efficiency of cooperation between the investigating authorities. It is based on mutual understanding, operational efficiency and truly professional approach to a case”,...
Valentin Shayev, Chairman of the Investigation Committee, met the best young officers of the agency
Valentin Shayev, Chairman of the Investigation Committee, held a welcome reception on the occasion of recognising of the officers serving for less than two years, who achieved significant results in the...
Belarusian and Russian investigators ascertained circumstances of $ 1.5 million bank robbery in Russia
Administration of the Investigation Committee in and for the Minsk region finished investigation of the criminal case against Vitaliy Koronevich, who arranged a robbery of the equivalent of around 1.5 million US...
Help for young investigators: learning and teaching meetings held in three regions of the country
The Investigation Committee pays a lot of attention to the issue of high quality trainings and constant improvement of its officers. The main focus is on providing theoretical and practical assistance to young...
Officer of the Investigation Committee saved a man, who was almost burnt alive
At the Regional Emergency Services Department of Grodno a special ceremony was held to honour Dmitriy Labotskiy, Deputy Chief of the Grodno Interregional Office of the Investigation Committee, Lieutenant Colonel of...
Investigators honoured memory of victims of the Great Patriotic War
A solemn ceremony was held in the Brest Hero-Fortress Memorial Complex
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