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A criminal case was initiated against the poisoning of schoolchildren in Minsk (UPDATED)

Right now, investigators are working in the capital’s Secondary School No. 61, where today, after eating in the canteen, the pupils felt unwell and turned to health workers for help, 16 children were hospitalized. It was preliminarily established that all the victims ate the same dish.

The operational investigative group interviews workers and pupils, carries out initial investigative actions. The ingredients from which the dish was prepared have been seized, consignment notes of product suppliers and technological documentation are being examined.

A number of necessary expert studies have been assigned, the performance of which has been entrusted to the specialists of the SFEC.

On this fact, a criminal case was opened under Part 1 of Art. 336 (violation of sanitary and epidemiological, hygienic requirements and procedures, or sanitary norms and rules, hygienic standards, resulting in the inadvertent poisoning of people) of the Criminal Code of Belarus.

UPDATED 28.11.2020:

According to the conclusion of the sanitary-epidemiological service, during the examination, staphylococcus was found in four hospitalized schoolchildren. Samples of the manufactured product, biological materials of the canteen workers and pupils were taken for analysis. A similar illness was confirmed in eight workers, six of whom were preparing “chicken rolls” on the day of the incident.

Violations of internal production control in the canteen and of sanitary and epidemiological legislation identified during the site assessment, as well as probable violations of the use of personal respiratory and hand protection by staff, may have contributed to the contamination. This is evidenced by the pathogen identified in them and its absence on the raw materials from which the product was made.

The employees of the school canteen, as well as the school authorities, have been interviewed. As of today, all the children have been discharged from health care facilities and their health is not in danger. Investigators are examining medical records.

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