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A сase on illegal entrepreneurial business: investigation into an extradite from Croatia is over

The Central Investigation Department completed the investigation into the criminal case on illegal construction of multi-apartment buildings at a manor development site in Minsk.

As reported before, the investigation revealed that two residents of Minsk (born in 1960 and 1963) without official registration constructed town houses that can be qualified as multi-apartment buildings and sold the apartments in the buildings as ownership shares.

The charged persons purchased rundown residential houses and land plots, demolished the purchased buildings, constructed two- or three-storeyed town houses, and then sold the accommodations in them. Each of the accommodations can well be described as an individual apartment. In most cases, the purchasing of rundown building and the construction works were in the name of straw persons—someone the offenders knew or their relatives.

The two offenders left the Republic of Belarus to hide from law enforcement authorities before the criminal case was initiated. The 55-year-old offender was apprehended in 2017 in the Republic of Croatia and extradited to the Republic of Belarus.

Based on the investigation results, the man had 21 charges of unlawful activities. His actions came under Art. 233, Part 2 of the Criminal Law of the Republic of Belarus. His total income from the illegal entrepreneurial activities amounted to at least 2.4 mln. Belarusian roubles.

Criminal investigators also passed on two recommendations on eliminating the causes and conditions that facilitated the crime (for a regional administration in Minsk and the Gosstrojekspertiza (State Construction Expertise) enterprise). The recommendations described the pitfalls of the expertise related to the projects and acceptance of constructed buildings without a proper inspection.

The prosecutor took the criminal case against the 55-year-old man to court for further examination.

The whereabouts of the offender’s accomplice are still unknown. Therefore, the criminal case against him was severed.

For reference:

A town house is a residential house that comprises two or more apartments and auxiliary spaces, with each of the apartments having a separate entrance directly from the adjacent territory.

A multi-apartment building is a residential house that comprises auxiliary spaces and two or more apartments, with each of the apartments having a separate entrance from an auxiliary space.
(Art. 1, Housing Code of the Republic of Belarus)