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A Session of the Investigative Committee Panel: Initial Investigation Activities on Agenda

The Central Office of the Investigative Committee hosted a panel meeting that focused on thoroughness, quality, and promptness of urgent proceedings and arrangements at crime scenes.

The session, headed by the Chairman Ivan Noskevich, was attended by the Deputy State Secretary of the Security Council Andrei Vtyurin, the members of the Investigative Committee panel, and heads of several structural subdivisions.

In his opening statement, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee noted that being efficient and comprehensive is of key importance for an investigator at the initial investigation stage to reveal the circumstances of a case, determine the perspectives, and form an evidential base.

“Now that we are spending a lot of effort on solving the crimes of the past years, we have found out that culprits often remain unidentified due to insufficiently thorough inspection of crime scenes and due to faults in other urgent investigative actions,” commented Ivan Noskevich.

The issue under consideration was earlier announced as the priority focus of the agency’s activities for 2018. This event is a milestone. Therefore, to prepare for it, respective departments of the Investigative Committee have analyzed the current state of things, evaluating the need for introducing further changes into daily investigation activities.

The Deputy Chairman Sergei Azemsha made a report at the session. Other speakers included Vladimir Shalukhin, the Head of the Administration of the Investigative Committee in and for the Vitebsk Region, and Andrei Kozhevnikov, the Head of the Procedural Control Department of the Administration of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus in and for the city of Minsk.

Special attention was given to ensuring proper level of interaction between the inquiry bodies and expert departments, as well as to extending practical application of the available forensic, as well as video and audio equipment by investigators.

“Irrespective of the numerous positive trends in the agency’s activities, some issues still require stringent measures. To ensure adequate quality of initial investigation, the procedural control should be urgent, too,” the Chairman commented.

In addition, the session also considered the agency’s performance in the first half of 2018.

In the first half of 2018, there were registered over 41.3 thousand crimes, which is by 5.8% less than over the same period of 2017 (more than 43.8 thousand). Offenses against property prevail in the total crime mix, amounting to 47.6% (theft reaching 34% of the total).

The relative share of criminal cases closed within one month increased (from 51.7 to 53%). The number of criminal cases, for which preliminary investigation was closed within over two months, reduced by 3%.

At the conclusion of the event, there was held a ceremony of distributing awards and shoulder straps to the officers of the Investigative Committee.