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Administration of the Investigative Committee for Gomel Region completed investigation of the attack on the Russians in 2015

Administration of the Investigative Committee for Gomel region has completed the investigation of a criminal case on charges of two Belarusian citizens of committing a robbery on an elderly couple in Russia in 2015. The investigation was carried out within the international cooperation in the field of pre-trial criminal proceedings.

According to the case file, on January 11, 2015, a native of Zhlobin district of Gomel region and a native of the city of Bobruisk, Mogilev region, together with other unidentified persons, committed a robbery in a private household in the town of Opochka, Pskov region. The attackers assigned criminal roles in advance, a few hours before the attack, they poisoned the dog guarding the courtyard territory, took measures to hide their faces with masks, and unexpectedly for the victims burst into their house in the morning.

First, they attacked the owner, who went out into the yard for firewood. The man was thrown to the ground, stun guns were used against him, his hands and mouth were wrapped with tape. While one of the accused "watched" the victim, the others entered the room of his common-law wife. The uninvited guests woke the pensioner and began to demand money and gold from her. Having received a refusal, they tied the woman's hands with duct tape, pulled her from the bed to the floor and punched and kicked her on the head and torso. Then the victim was taped over her mouth, the gold jewelry was removed from her, and then she was moved to the bathroom. Her common-law husband was also brought there

Following their criminal intent, the men inspected the house and took possession of funds in Russian rubles, euros and US dollars, gold items, two cameras for a total amount equivalent to 197 thousand Belarusian rubles. Among the stealage was the money of the victim's daughter, which was kept for the duration of the trip to another city.

Russian law enforcement officers failed to solve the carefully planned crime forthwith. After a while, the police investigators got information about the involvement of residents of a neighboring state in the robbery. A request was sent to the Republic of Belarus to provide legal assistance, including for checking the local DNA database of the genotypes of alleged criminals obtained during forensic study on items seized from the crime scene. As a result, a match was found with the biological samples of two men who were serving sentences in correctional institutions in Belarus.
In March 2016, they committed a robbery on a resident of Bobruisk and her 79-year-old father, who was visually impaired. Having entered the house, the attackers beat the victim, killed the elderly person, and then stole $30,153, gold items and silver cutlery. In 2017, the criminals were convicted. Mogilev regional court sentenced a native of Zhlobin district to 23 years in prison with confiscation of property, and a resident of Bobruisk – to 21 years in prison with confiscation.

Taking into account the status and location of persons suspected of robbery against Russians, and the existence of interstate agreements, the criminal case for further proceedings was sent to the Administration of the Investigative Committee for Gomel Region. Despite the refusal of the accused to testify, the investigator, in cooperation with experts and law enforcement officers of the two countries, managed to collect evidence regarding their participation in the crime.

In accordance with the criminal procedure legislation, two citizens of Belarus were charged with commissio of the crime under Part 3 Article 207 (robbery by a group of persons repeatedly committed with penetration into a home with the aim of seizing property on an especially large scale) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus. The criminal case was transferred to the regional prosecutor's office for further referral to the court.

Official representative of Administration of the Investigative Committee for Gomel region
Maria Krivonogova