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Administration of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus in and for the Brest region celebrated the housewarming

Yesterday the opening ceremony of the administrative building of the Investigative Committee of the Brest region took place. It was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Investigative Committee, Major-General of Justice Buynovskiy S.A., Head of DIC in the Brest region, Colonel of Justice Rakhmanov A.A. and Chairman of the City Executive Committee Rogachuk A.S. The guests of honor were heads of security agencies and regional governmental authorities: Directorate of Internal Affairs, Committee for State Security, State Border Committee, Ministry for Emergency Situations, State Committee of Court Examinations, Military Commissariat, Prosecutor's Office and the Court.

In his formal speech, Deputy Chairman Sergei Buynovskiy expressed gratitude to regional and city executive authorities for their assistance and support, and congratulated all staff of the administration on the housewarming.

The construction and repair work on the introduction of the first starting complex was made during the year. During the reconstruction, the original historical appearance of the building dating back to the 19th century was preserved. The total floor area is 3,700 square meters. The building is equipped with modern computers and communication facilities, and CCTV for security. There are special-purpose areas and storage rooms for physical evidence archive. The spacious and comfortable rooms provide comfortable environment for investigators and reception of citizens. Previously, the administrative staff was located in several buildings in different parts of the city. With opening of the new office complex, all administrative departments received a single location.

The solemn part of the event was held in the best traditions with awarding of a symbolic key to the building and cutting of the red ribbon to the strains of the orchestra. In the foyer of the building an exhibition of photographs took place, depicting the stages of reconstruction and the samples of forensic technology. After having climbed upstairs to the assembly hall, the guests were greeted by the employees of ascending ranks from lieutenant to colonel of justice, symbolizing career and professional growth. All invited guests warmly appreciated the organization of the ceremony and first of all the new conditions for working to protect the interests of citizens, society and the state.