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Belarus preparing requests for legal assistance in Ryanair case

The Investigative Committee of Belarus is preparing international requests for legal assistance in the Ryanair case, Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Belarus Dmitry Gora on 14 June, BelTA has learned.

“We are probably most interested in establishing the truth about the incident. To establish the truth means to find the person or the persons who sent that message [bomb alert] and who were interested in such a situation. The message was sent through the ProtonMail service located in the Swiss Confederation. We would appreciate proper international cooperation on this matter. Unfortunately, so far cooperation leaves much to be desired,” said Dmitry Gora.

The chairman of the Investigative Committee of Belarus stated that in January 2020 Belarus sent a legal assistance request to the Swiss Confederation to help with the investigation of bomb threats targeting many Belarusian infrastructure facilities received through the ProtonMail service in autumn 2019. “We have not received any response yet. Almost a year and a half have passed. We hope that things will be different this time,” he stressed.

Source: BelTA