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Belarus, USA to step up cooperation in combating illegal drug trade

The Central Office of the Investigative Committee of Belarus hosted a working meeting with representatives of Russia's Office of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) at the U.S. Department of Justice on 13 August.

The Investigative Committee noted that it was the third meeting with representatives of the Drug Enforcement Administration this year. A memorandum of cooperation was signed with DEA in May.

“Top on the agenda were some aspects of investigating drug-related crimes, cooperation of the Investigative Committee with other law enforcement agencies during pre-trial investigation, a possibility to exchange information between the two agencies,” the Investigative Committee informed.

“The parties discussed a possibility of holding joint events (seminars, round tables, etc.) on anti-drug topics, as well as further participation of the Investigative Committee staff in training sessions held in various countries with the support of the agency,” the Investigative Committee added.

It noted that the working meeting contributed to promoting a constructive dialogue with the US law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime.