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Belarusian investigators share bank theft case information with Spain, Europol

Belarusian investigators have shared information about a criminal case featuring bank thefts with colleagues from Spain and Europol. A resident of Spain is implicated in the thefts.

Representatives of Belarus' Investigative Committee met with colleagues from the Spanish police service and Europol in Minsk. The law enforcement officers exchanged information about the theft of considerable sums of money from a number of banks. The Spanish specialists borrowed some data regarding the criminal case.

Belarus' Investigative Committee has finished investigating the case this month. A 29-year-old citizen of Moldova and Russia ran a criminal group, which had been stealing money from banks by using malware to hack and gain remote access to ATMs. After obtaining remote access to ATMs the gang leader found other people to collect cash from the ATMs in various cities upon an unauthorized cash disbursal command. A Spanish resident is now wanted for organizing the unauthorized access to internal networks of the compromised banks.

Actions of the criminal group have resulted in over Br3 million in damages for banks of Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, and Azerbaijan. The criminal case against the 29-year-old mastermind and six accomplices, who are citizens of CIS states, is now in court.