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Belarusians called to respect each other

People should evaluate their own actions and value work of others, Head of Vitebsk Oblast Department of the Investigative Committee Pavel Ignatov said as he met with employees of the Vitba confectionery to tell them about the outcomes of the 6th Belarusian People's Congress, BelTA learned from the Investigative Committee of Belarus.

“Everybody are doing their job. There is no need to be aggressive towards people because of their profession. When something happens, citizens turn to various agencies and later thank them for help. Some people, who do not face certain problems and do not need certain help, often stop valuing work of others. They might start harboring negative feelings towards, for example, police officers or healthcare workers. Let's respect each other and value work of all people. Work of every single person from every walk of life is important and valuable to all,” Pavel Ignatov noted.

Source: BelTA.