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Central Investigation Department charged the member of “Mariyanchuk’s gang” with commission of particularly serious crimes in Ukraine

The criminal investigation regarding the member of “Mariyanchuk’s gang”, which was acting in the territory of Ukraine in the 90s and beginning of in the early 2000s, is in its closing stage in Central Investigation Department.

In spring, 2018 in process of operating escorting of criminal investigation, which is in proceedings of Central Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee, the officers of Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption of the Ministry of Internal Affairs under the commission of investigators detained 49-years old man, native of Ushachy District of Vitebsk Region. The man was tried for murder in 1994, and for blackmail and robbery in Baranovichy District at the end of 2000s.

In the process of investigation, it was established that in 2008, being the person under investigation with regard to the case of abovementioned crimes in Brest Region, the man was also suspected in commission of murder in the territory of Ukraine, but it was not possible to collect the required evidentiary foundation. That fact was also affected by the uncertainty with the case of the gang leader, Vasiliy Mariyanchuk, the pretrial investigation of which was in progress that moment (the sentence was pronounced just in 2016, given that he was detained in 1999). After ten years, within the framework of additional examination of circumstances of suspended criminal case and as a result of effective teamwork with Ukrainian law enforcement officials, the investigators succeeded to seize evidences of commission of particularly serious crimes by the resident of Ushachy District.

Pursuant to the files of criminal investigation, the involvement of the accused in the commission of number of crimes in period from 2001 till 2002 in “Mariyanchuk’s gang” was established, including:
  • intentional gun homicide of the lawyer, the neutralization of which was ordered by Mariyanchuk, while being on preventive detention;
  • preparation for the murder of investigator of public prosecution office, Galina Klimovich, in Odessa (who was the chief of investigation team with regard to “Mariyanchuk’s case”, and then was engaged in investigation of poisoning of the President of Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko), and as a result of unsuccessful operation – attempted homicide of two or more persons with the use of destructive device, intended for the murder of investigator, near the residential house;
  • intentional homicide of the man and attempting to the same crime with a purpose of adaptation of their involvement in preparation to the murder of Galina Klimovich. The members of gang “planted” evidence to the men, who were meant to lead the investigation by the wrong path;
  • robbery regarding the married couple, engaged in currency exchange in Odessa, as a result of which the members of the gang stole the amount, that was equivalent that time to about 20 thousand dollars;
  • intentional homicide if gang’s member, who testified to the investigators with regard to “Mariyanchuk’s case”;
  • illegal actions regarding the firearms, ammunition, explosive substances and explosive devices.
In addition to that, the man is under an accusation of illegal acquisition and storage of explosive substances according to the place of residence in Ushachy District, which were found out by the police officers in May, 2018.

For collection of the required body of evidence the investigators conducted the interrogation of the accused, submitted the requests for international legal assistance, within the framework of which Ukrainian law enforcement officials transferred to Belarus for carrying out of forensic studies the material evidence with regard to the criminal cases, investigated concerning the members of “Mariyanchuk’s gang”, and also the interrogations in the territory of Ukraine were conducted with participation of investigator of the Central Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee.

Based on the results of expert examinations, carried out by the specialists of the National Committee of Forensic Examination, the coincidence of the accused’s genotype with the genotype, detected on the items of clothing, thrown away after the commission of crime, recovered in process of examination of crime scenes, is established. 

The preliminary investigation is finished; the files of criminal investigation are prepared for the transfer to the accused for information at the moment. After the completion of this procedure the decision on the transfer of the criminal case to the prosecutor for taking to the court will be adopted.

Reference data. Since 1994 till 2005 the gang of Vasiliy Mariyanchuk (criminal names “Vasya Chechenskiy”, “Bukhgalter”) committed more than 60 crimes. The leader of the gang and his partners in crime have 28 intentional homicides, 9 attempted assassinations, 13 assaults related to robbery, kidnapping, blackmail and gang violence. 

Being already in custody, Mariyanchuk instructed his subordinates for neutralization of persons, who assisted the disclosure of lawbreakers’ activity. The victims of the criminals were, among others, their partners in crime. More than ten members of the gang, who were under suspicion of investigation, and could make the confession, were killed. For execution of such “orders” the citizens from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova were involved.