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Congratulations On the Independence Day From the Chairman of the Investigative Committee Ivan Noskevich

Dear colleagues!

My sincere congratulations to you on the Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus from all my heart!

On this day, the 3rd of July, we not only celebrate the anniversary of liberating the capital of our Motherland from the Nazi occupation. First and foremost, it symbolizes those thousands of days and nights that the Belarusian people spend fighting to be the rightful owners of their land. Throughout its history, Belarus has seen many tragic events and has suffered lots of pain, sorrow, and losses, has often been uncertain about its future. The way each Belarusian contributed centuries long, putting their Motherland’s interests over their own, has made it possible to celebrate the day now—living in peace and freedom.

On the Independence Day, apart from remembering the terrible past events, we also celebrate the present day and set sights on the future. Paying tribute to our roots and the great deeds of our ancestors, we move on towards our clear objectives grounded in our values.

We need to remember that the only way to make Belarus better is to work on it every day. The attention and care you give to your Motherland is sure return to you and your families.

Wishing you to be healthy and wealthy and to never stop on your way to improvement.

To the Day of our Republic!

Chairman of the Investigative Committee
Of the Republic of Belarus
Major General of Justice
I. D. Noskevich