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Criminal case on illicit trafficking in prohibited substances is being investigated in Minsk

(Minsk) Central district department of the Investigative Committee is investigating a criminal case on illicit trafficking in prohibited substances.

In February of this year, during law enforcement intelligence-gathering activities, militiamen of Minsk detained two 17-year-old students involved in the storage of prohibited substances.

During a personal search, about 200 grams of a prohibited substance was seized from young people, which, according to experts, turned out to be a particularly dangerous drug – marijuana. During examination of one of the detainees home, more than 300 g of marijuana were found and seized, as well as electronic scales, adhesive tape and polymer bags.

Law enforcement officers found that on the eve of the arrest, they had already managed to make over 50 stashes with marijuana and mephedrone with a total weight of 400 g in the city park.

According to the materials of the criminal case, the accused sold prohibited substances through Internet resources. For at least four months, they received psychotropic drugs and drugs from unidentified persons, packaged it into smaller doses and stashed them on the territory of Minsk. All actions were carried out by young people together.

During the interrogation, they explained that they received a job offer in one of the messengers and, wanting to earn a large amount of money in an easy way, agreed. It should be noted that the "employer" promised them complete safety and avoidance of criminal liability in case of detention.

At the moment, minors have been charged under Part 3 Art. 328 (illicit trafficking in psychotropic substances on a large scale) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus. Pre-trial restrictions in the form of detention were applied to them.

Thanks to the well-coordinated work of (Minsk) Central district department of the Investigative Committee and drug control and Human Trafficking Division of Central District Department of Internal Affairs of the city of Minsk on the evening of April 5 this year in the capital near a forest, law enforcement officers detained a distributor of prohibited substances to an online store. It was a 31-year-old resident of Minsk, in whose car, as well as at his place of residence and in stashes he made, especially dangerous psychotropic substances were found and seized:
  • at least 15 kilograms of mephedrone;
  • at least 5 kilograms of amphetamine;
  • at least 13,000 tablets containing MDMA;
especially dangerous drugs:
  • at least 5 kilograms of hashish;
  • at least 15 grams of marijuana;
  • at least 300 grams of cocaine.

The man was recognized as a suspect under Part 3 Article 328 (illicit trafficking in psychotropic substances on a large scale) of the Criminal Code. He was detained, investigative actions are being carried out with his participation. During interrogation, he explained that he had come to the forest to make a stash for further sale of prohibited substances on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. According to preliminary data, the value of the seized exceeds one million dollars. 

Yesterday, on April 6, in the course of further investigative and law enforcement intelligence-gathering activities, 7 more persons involved in the commission of the above crime were detained. The detainees are 19 - 33 years old, three of them have already been convicted under Article 328 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus, and one of them was brought to administrative responsibility for participation in unauthorized mass events. Of the seven detained, four are women. Criminal cases have been initiated against these citizens under various parts of Article 328 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus.

Investigation of the criminal case continues.

Official representative of Administration of the Investigative Committee for the city of Minsk
Ekaterina Garlinskaya