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Details of Nazi ideology follower case disclosed by investigators

According to the investigation, the 38-year-old man for more than 10 years has been posting and storing  on his social media pages images and videos popularizing Nazism, their organizations and collaborators. The content was based on the man's personal positive attitude towards the soldiers of Nazi Germany and available for public viewing on the Internet. The activities of the person involved were stopped by officers of GUBOPiK of the Ministry of Internal Affairs 10th Department (for the Minsk region) on March 14, 2022.

Publications included images of Adolf Hitler, Nazi symbols, military ammunition, as well as Nazi greetings, videos of collaborators kissing a flag with a swastika. The man also posted photos of himself and his family members in elements of Nazi uniform. According to the conclusions of the forensic cultural examinations conducted by the specialists of the State Forensic Examination Committee, the use of Nazi symbols is unacceptable in terms of modern culture, since it is aimed at popularizing the activities of Nazi organizations.

The acts of the accused were given a legal assessment under Part 1 of Article 130-1 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus (deliberate actions to rehabilitate Nazism). There have been no alike criminal cases in the Minsk region yet. Investigators have identified dozens of episodes of illegal activity. When searching the detainee's house, Nazi attributes and symbols, uniforms, hats, as well as a full-size national flag of Nazi Germany were found and seized. The investigator examined these items, studied and analyzed the contents of the accused's equipment and computer information, interrogated witnesses.

The accused is a native of Latvia, has not officially worked anywhere. It is noteworthy that the man had already been brought to administrative responsibility for posting Nazi symbols on a social network, but he did not draw proper conclusions for himself. With the approval of the prosecutor, he was remanded in custody.

It is the duty of each of us to preserve the historical memory, the heroic past of the Belarusian people in order to prevent a repeat of the bloody war. The investigators are aimed at preventing the distortion of historical facts and will make every effort to prevent anyone from spreading the ideas of Nazism in our country. A concrete example of this is the mentioned criminal case, which was in the proceedings of the Investigative Department of the Administration of the Investigative Committee for Minsk region.

Elena Krupenina,
official representative of the Administration of
Investigative Committee for Minsk region