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Digital evidence and possibilities of its use: international experts discussed problems of cybercrime

The representative of the Investigative Committee of Belarus, Sergey Gamko, participated in the work of the Fifth meeting of expert group for carrying out of thorough examination of the problem of cybercrime, held under the aegis of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) on March 27 – 29 in Vienna (Austria).

In the course of the meeting more than 400 scientists, diplomats and politicians from 98 countries – members of institute of UN program network in sphere of crime prevention and criminal justice considered the wide range of topical issues, related to cybercrime, and also discussed the methods of prevention of information technologies use for criminal purposes.

During the work of one of sections called “Digital evidence and criminal justice”, 86 members (which included the representatives of UNODC, Council of Europe, European Union and Europol) exchanged opinions on collection of digital evidence and possibilities of its use in criminal proceedings. The representative of the Investigative Committee of Belarus – head of department on investigation of crime against cyber security and intellectual property, Sergey Gamko, took part in the work of this section.

He paid attention in his statement to taking appropriate actions by all countries for safeguarding of digital evidence, constant improvement of forms and methods of international cybercrime prevention, and also noted the necessity of constant international cooperation with due regard to observance of territorial sovereignty of states, rights and legal interests of citizens and organizations. 

Further, during the work of the section the issues of necessity to comply with the principle of admissibility and legality of the use of evidence in criminal proceedings of countries, participated in this meeting, were discussed.

Sergey Gamko informed the members of the meeting about the actions, taken by officers of the Investigative Committee of Belarus within the framework of cybercrime prevention, the necessity of capacity building of the officers with due regard to types of threats, which arise and change constantly in information space.

- Digital evidence of crimes in sphere of high technologies, as well as substantial ones, are everywhere, - Sergey Leonidovich said. – It is important to find them correctly, to save and to use in the activity. It is a question of present interest for us.