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Eight persons are accused of stealing money from card accounts

The Investigation Department of the Investigation Committee Directorate of Minsk completed the investigation of a criminal case against eight citizens of the Republic of Belarus who are accused of unauthorized access to computer information, the use of malicious programs, as well as theft of money from bank cards on an especially large scale.

According to the investigation, in the period from October 2017 to September 2019, the accused obtained unauthorized access to a number of Internet resources through the use of malicious software. After that, they took possession of the data to the accounts and electronic mailboxes of foreign citizens, with the help of which they received information about the details of bank cards of foreigners.

The essence of the illegal activity was that while the cardholders did not even suspect that money was being stolen from their accounts, the defendants, using various mobile applications and websites, entered the card details of foreign citizens and purchased items of clothing and footwear, computer equipment, intimate goods and much more.

In addition, in the course of investigative actions and operational-search measures, law enforcement officers established other episodes of the unlawful activities of the accused, including paying for taxi services and food delivery, buying air tickets and tickets to the cinema.

For almost two years of their criminal activity, citizens of the Republic of Belarus have stolen more than 43 thousand rubles through unauthorized access to card accounts, having made over 1,700 transactions. Investigators conducted searches at the places of residence of the accused, and seized property worth more than 17 thousand rubles. The information provided by the international payment systems Mastercard and Visa was studied and attached to the materials of the criminal case.

During the investigation of the criminal case, the identities of the accused were studied. All of them are residents of various regions of the country, including Minsk, Minsk and Gomel regions, aged 21 to 24 years. Previously, none of them were prosecuted. One accused does not work anywhere and does not study, the rest work in various specialties, for example, a system administrator, a taxi driver, a forest foreman and a technician.

The actions of the defendants, depending on the role of each of them, are qualified by the investigation as theft by using computer technology, the use of malicious programs and unauthorized access to computer information. A measure of restraint in the form of a bail was applied to one of them, and to the rest - a written undertaking not to leave the place and proper behavior.

The investigation of the criminal case has been completed. The materials were handed over to the prosecutor for submission to the court.

Official representative of the
Investigation Committee Directorate of Minsk
Ekaterina Garlinskaya