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Electromechanic from Minsk got four loans at the direction of telephone scammers

Throughout the current year, an increase in the number of crimes in the field of information technology is again observed in Minsk. The overwhelming majority of them are embezzlement of funds by seizing the details of bank cards – Art. 212 (plunder of property by modification of computer information) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus.

For 6 months of 2021, capital divisions initiated 2,555 criminal cases under Article 212 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus. For comparison, for the same period in 2020, only 1,117 such crimes were registered in the capital.

For example, Partizansky (Minsk) district department of the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the plunder of more than 24 thousand rubles from the card account of resident of Minsk.

According to the investigation, on the afternoon of May 4, a 58-year-old man got a call via Viber messenger from a girl who introduced herself as an employee of one of the largest Belarusian banks.

The interlocutor told the resident of Minsk that somebody is trying to write off money from his account, probably due to data leakage due to the fault of unscrupulous bank employees. During the conversation, the man was convinced that he should get loans in his name. At the same time, it was mandatory to install a specific remote access application on the smartphone. Following the instructions of the bank's false employee, the victim got 4 loans.

After the man, following the instructions of the attackers, allowed them to connect to his mobile phone vie the above mentioned application, they were able to find out the details of his bank payment cards, authorize on his behalf in the personal account of the Internet banking system and remotely manage funds.

On this fact, a criminal case was initiated under Part 4 Art. 212 (plunder of property by modification off computer information, committed on an especially large scale) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus.

At the moment, are being carried out investigative actions and operational-search measures, aimed at identification of the crimes committers, orders for the provision of international legal assistance are being prepared.

Remember that plunder of funds from card accounts becomes possible only if the card holder transfers its details to third parties.

Once again, the capital investigators ask citizens to be vigilant:
  • when using Kufar marketplace, perform all actions exclusively on the ad platform itself;
  • do not follow links sent by unknown interlocutors;
  • do not provide information about your Internet banking and mobile banking account to third parties;
  • do not give your bank card details, including CVV-code, to anyone under any pretext;
  • if somebody is calling you with such requests, posing as bank employees, stop this conversation and, if necessary, call the customer service of your bank (the number is indicated on the bank card) to clarify all the issues;
  • remember that bank employees will never ask information from a client about his/her full details, especially via a phone call;
  • if you lose your bank payment card, contact the bank to block it.
  • Share these simple rules with your family and friends, especially the elderly.
Official representative of Administration of the Investigative
Committee for the city of Minsk
Ekaterina Garlinskaya