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Final charge brought against one of «23.34» extremist platform administrators

The Main Investigative Department has completed the investigation of a criminal case against one of «23.34» extremist platform administrators.

During the investigation of the criminal case against Sofia Sapega, a number of administrators of the extremist telegram channel «Black Book of Belarus» and its regional branches, active accomplices and related Internet platforms have been identified providing information materials to the criminal group for inciting hostility, network genocide and harassment of representatives of state bodies, law enforcement and judicial systems.

According to the investigation, the BBB administrators entered into a criminal conspiracy with «23.34» resource leaders. The key agenda of the information on the destructive portal was based on political hostility, hatred and slander. This was done to prevent judges from comprehensively and objectively considering criminal and administrative cases. With the help of this resource, radicals and anarchists were given pseudo-statuses of «political prisoners», and the commission of crimes was encouraged and popularized. The extremists worked on the principle of systematization and accumulation of information about Belarusians in a special system, from which representatives of radical Telegram channels later took information, supplemented it with personal data and distributed it with calls for violence, damage to property, harassment, demoralization.

It has been established for sure that logins and passwords from the information system «23.34» were transferred to the Black Book administrators, and a separate closed Telegram chat was created to coordinate the activities of controlled resources. Many of this chat participants are on the international wanted list and are hiding from criminal prosecution abroad.

One of the administrators of the «information system», a 40-year-old native of the Grodno region, performed his criminal activities first from the territory of Ukraine, then from Poland. In September 2021, the man arrived in Belarus, where he was detained by state security agencies. When investigating the seized computer equipment, information was obtained about his involvement in the activities of extremist resources and inciting social hostility. A member of the criminal group stored the personal data of almost 17 thousand officials, law enforcement officers and military personnel.

Currently, he is charged under Part 3 of Article 130 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus. With the approval of the prosecutor, he was remanded in custody. The investigation of the criminal case is complete. The case file was forwarded to the prosecutor for submission to the court.

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