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Future lawyers were storming thematic crossword puzzles for the Victory Day, drawn by the official representative of the Administration of the Investigative Committee for Grodno Region

On the eve of the Victory Day, Sergey Shershenevich, a creator of the original thematic artistic crossword puzzles, a finalist of the Pole Chudes TV show in 2003, being the official representative of the Administration of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus for the Grodno region, drew two thematic crossword puzzles for May 9. They have been proposed for working to legal classes pupils of secondary school No. 13 being under the patronage of the regional investigators. The boys divided into two teams and ran a war of brains within the specified time. As a result, almost no empty cells were left, showing a deep comprehensive knowledge. The winner of this unusual contest was determined just nominally, and each participant received a recognition gift.

Thereafter, the pupils listened to Sergey Shershenevich with a great interest, who said that Alexander Sergeevich Ditlov, a legendary military correspondent, was the person who contributed largely to the formation of his hobbies. He was called to be the most shooting one among those writing and the most writing one among those shooting,. One can study the history of the country according to his photographic archives. A lot of unique A. Ditlov’s photographs are present in Belarusian museums.

Besides, Sergey Shershenevich got the pupils acquainted with his another hobby – participation in the teams of TV viewers of “What? Where? When?” Mind Games in Belarus and Russia with questions on law enforcement subjects.

The mentees learned a lot of useful information on the main guest’s occupation – service in the investigative agencies, personal experience of criminal investigations and solution of crimes. In addition, the pupils standing on the threshold of career choices got acquainted with the conditions of admission to the Investigative and Expert Department of the Academy of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, learned about the features of an investigator’s profession first-hand.

In conclusion, the teachers and pupils expressed unanimous opinion that meetings with representatives of the Investigative Committee should be held more often.