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In Gomel the investigation of the case regarding the international channel of cocaine trade was completed

Administration of Investigation Committee in Gomel Region completed investigation of the criminal case regarding two members of organized gang, which carried out supply of cocaine from the Dominican Republic to the Russian Federation.

According to the investigators, the citizen of Ukraine, residing for some time in the Dominican Republic, agreed with unidentified persons about systematic purchase of large shipments of cocaine from them. Then the man formed stable organized group for illegal purchase, carrying across the border and sale in Russia of highly dangerous narcotic drug. The composition of group included the wife of organizer, two citizens of the Russian Federation, residing in Moscow, six citizens of the Republic of Belarus and other unidentified persons. All Belarusians were the natives of one village of Gomel district, the part of which resided in it, and another part went to work in Russia. 

The organizer of the group established the branching network on cocaine sale in the territory of Moscow Region. The man selected agents for work, provided money and tourist trips to the Dominican Republic for them. Having arrived to the resort under the pretence of the tourists, drug couriers obtained cocaine there. Herewith the narcotic drug was previously dissolved in alcohol-containing liquid and poured into empty alcohol bottles. In such a way the couriers moved cocaine across the customs border of the Dominican Republic, and then imported it to Russia through European countries, including Ukraine and Belarus. Then other members of the group were engaged in evaporation of cocaine from the imported liquid and its sale. 

In spite of careful planning of activity of all group members and conspiracy measures they applied, the information about committed crimes became available to foreign law enforcement officers and officers of Chief administration of drug control and counter-trafficking in persons of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus. Detentions of the suspected persons were carried out in the airports of Germany, in the territory of Russia and Belarus. 

So, on May 03, 2018 in customs clearance office “Novaya Guta” in Gomel district the customs officers stopped automobile Opel Astra, which moved from outside Ukraine, where there were two citizens of Belarus, born in 1975 and 1989. During baggage examination two wine bottles with doubtful content were confiscated. Herewith the men tried to destroy evidences of their illegal activity. Pursuant to the conclusions of chemical examination, carried out by the officers of Administration of state committee of forensic examination in Gomel region, the alcohol-containing liquid contained cocaine. 

 On the basis of supporting evidence with regard to the case, the accusation under the part 4, clause 328 (illegal acquisition, storage, transportation with a purpose of sale of highly dangerous narcotic drugs on a large scale, carried out by organized group) and part 3, clause 328-1 (illegal moving across the customs border of EEU and the state border of the Republic of Belarus of highly dangerous narcotic drugs on a large scale, carried out by organized group) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus was presented to Belarusians, detained at the customs. 

The accused remained in custody within the whole time of investigation. 

Criminal case was referred to the public prosecution office for taking to the court. 

Criminal proceedings against three members of the organized group, detained before in the territory of Germany, were instituted pursuant to the legislation of that country. Other identified members of the group are under investigation in the Russian Federation.