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Investigation of the case over the assault on a bank in Petrikov district has been completed

The Administration of the Investigative Committee for Gomel region has completed the investigation of a criminal case over assault related to robbery on a bank branch in the village of Koptsevichi, Petrikov district.

According to the investigation, on the morning of March 29 of this year, a resident of the city of Mozyr arrived in the city of Kalinkovichi at the railway station, from where he left for Koptsevichi by train. The passenger had a set of clothes in his backpack, homemade rifled firearms of 9mm caliber, cartridges, and a knife. At about 13 o'clock, the man, dressed in a camouflage suit, approached the local bank branch, put on a balaclava on his head and by the front door began to wait for the bank employee to go outside. As soon as the woman pressed the door handle, the stranger burst into the room, hit her head with the handle of a pistol, tied her hands, and subsequently her legs, with duct tape. The attacker took a bunch of keys from the victim, locked the front door, searched her work room, stole 1.301 USD and 3.005 RUB from the safe, and then got away.

The robbery was caught by the video camera of the video monitoring system of the bank's security service, which employee called the police. The crime scene investigation team, employees of Petrikov Investigative Committee District Department and District Department of Internal Affairs, the regional office of the Administration of the Investigative Committee for Gomel region, the criminal investigation department of the Internal Affairs Administration of Gomel Region Executive Committee, and OMON Special Task Police Squad were sent to the scene.

During the law enforcement intelligence-gathering activities in the evening of the same day, the militiamen detained a man a man similar in features, who was hiding in the forest in an abandoned building. They found a pistol and money with him. Residents of the village of Koptsevichi provided significant assistance to law enforcement officers in finding the offender.

Building where the suspect was hiding

Money seized during a personal search of a resident of the city of Mozyr
Throughout the investigation, the detained resident of Mozyr denied his involvement in the crime, insisting that he accidentally found the things he was in possession in the forest. Investigators managed to collect evidence disproving the suspect's version and indicating his guilt.

During a search at the suspect's place of residence, a notebook with his handwriting was found, which contained records of the operating hours of the bank branch in Koptsevichi and the schedule of trains en route Kalinkovichi – Zhitkovichi through the station in Koptsevichi. On behalf of the investigator, the State Forensic Examination Committee officer carried out a radio electronic devices examination of the phone seized from the defendant in the case, during which was found a deleted photo of the plate with the operating hours of the bank in Koptsevichi.
In the Administration of the Investigative Committee for Gomel region an identification of the accused was carried out, during which two residents of Koptsevichi recognized a stranger who was walking around the village on the day of the bank robbery. When conducting an investigative action without visual observation with the participation of the defendant, decoys and the victim, the latter confidently identified the attacker by the voice.

Investigative action – presentation for identification

Based on the above and other collected evidence, the resident of Mozyr was charged under Part 2, Article 207 (robbery committed for the purpose of seizing property on a large scale), Part 2, Article 295 (illegal acquisition, storage, transportation, carrying of firearms, ammunition) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus.

The criminal case was transferred to the prosecutor's office for referral to the court.

Official representative of Administration of the Investigative
Committee for Gomel Region
Maria Krivonogova