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Investigation of the murder committed in 1984 is completed in Gomel

The Administration of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus in and for the Gomel Region completed the investigation of the murder of a taxi driver committed in Gomel in 1984.

According to the materials in the case, on the night of February 26-27, on Ilyicha St. of Gomel, two men asked a taxi driver of the Gomel Taxi Park to give them a lift. On the way, the passengers attacked the driver according to a previously developed plan. Inside the car, the attackers squeezed the driver’s neck, inflicted multiple blows with blunt objects and an awl to various parts of the body. When the car stopped, the driver was pulled out, the attackers continued to beat him. Then the victim was dragged to a nearby lake covered with ice, where he was left half-naked. The man died from the resulting injuries.
The attackers stole the proceeds from the car, as well as the purse, wristwatch, apartment key, driver’s license and other things of the victim.

Police failed to solve this crime “hot on the heels”. At the same time, the investigative operational group arrived at the crime scene found and took the prints of the palms of an unidentified person. Years later, the Gomel Region Directorate of the State Forensic Examination Committee provided the investigators of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Gomel Region Executive Committee with the information on the coincidence of these prints with the prints of the palms of a man arrested for robbery.

The investigation of the murder of the taxi driver was resumed. The hard work began to collect evidence of the guilt of the abovementioned person and to determine the identity of his accomplice. During the preliminary investigation, the relevant materials were carefully studied, all the witnesses were interrogated again, investigative experiments and confrontations were carried out, and the testimony was checked at the scene involving the suspect using video recording. According to the decrees issued by the investigator, the Gomel Region Directorate of the State Forensic Examination Committee conducted a number of examinations including additional forensic and medical, fingerprint-based examinations.

Based on the analysis of all the evidence collected in the case, it was concluded that the resident of Rechitsa District was involved in the murder of the taxi driver. His actions are defined under Part 2 of Article 89 (robbery committed by prior agreement by a group of persons, causing grievous bodily harm), subclause “a”, “e” of Article 100 (murder, out of greed, committed with particular cruelty) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus (as amended in 1960).

The criminal case was studied by the prosecutor and transferred to the court for consideration.

Investigative actions and operational and search measures aimed at determining the identity of accomplice are ongoing.