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Investigative Committee is investigating the case of an attempt to hijack the Belavia aircraft.

The Investigative Committee has initiated proceedings in the criminal case against a Georgian citizen, born in 1973, who is suspected of an attempted hijacking of the Belavia aircraft, which cruised along the route Minsk-Kutaisi on June 10, 2014.

As it follows from case materials, the passenger demanded from the crew to change the flight plan, threatening with violence. He expressed his intentions in a written message which was handed to the captain.

Cooperative actions of the crew, ground services and law enforcement agencies as well as their professionalism allowed to neutralize the emerged threat in a speedy fashion. The law offender was detained by KGB officers at the territory of the national airport of Minsk.

Actions of the Georgian citizen have been qualified under part 1 of article 14 and part 2 of article 311 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus. As a measure of restriction the suspect was taken into custody.

The Investigative Committee takes actions to carry out full, all-around and objective investigation of the facts of the crime. A number of expert examinations are scheduled.

Investigation measures are being taken, their results will be announced additionally. 

Such incident is the first one in the history of modern Belarus and it demonstrates that the level of flights security provided by the national airlines is rather high.