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Investigative Committee launches special hotline

A special international phone hotline has been organized by Belarus’ Investigative Committee in order to receive messages about crimes against peace.

The Central Investigation Office continues investigating a criminal case into crimes specified by article 128 (Crimes against peace. Mass acts of violence due to race and ethnicity) of the Criminal Code of Belarus.

Units of the Investigative Committee continue receiving reports about crimes being committed against refugees, including crimes committed by representatives of defense, security, and law enforcement agencies of Poland and other neighboring countries, which is why the Investigative Committee is launching the 24/7 hotline.

If you are aware of committed murders, tortures, acts of violence due to race and ethnicity, report them by dialing +375 17 389 50 52. Anyone can phone the hotline, including individuals outside the Republic of Belarus. Confidentiality and anonymity are guaranteed.

Apart from that, you can submit this information via the Investigative Committee’s official website –

The hotline does not offer answers to requests for information and does not offer consultation services.

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