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Investigators and cadets: "Nice to meet you!"

Today, the students of the Minsk Suvorov Military School learned the basics of the Investigative Committee. 

The cadets learned from the graduates of the past years who have chosen to be investigators, all the benefits of the profession, and that each of them feels pride and responsibility by connecting his life with this difficult but interesting and important activity.

According to the head of AIC in Minsk Dmitry Konoplyanik, who presented a welcoming speech, "the profession of investigator is very dynamic, especially outside the working office. Investigators are self-restrained people, professionals in their field," said Dmitry Konoplyanik.

The students got an idea of the daily work of staff of the Investigative Committee and learned about the history of the institution.

After the meeting, the cadets got acquainted with the technical capabilities of a mobile crime lab, objects of uniform, talked with the investigators and asked them questions in relaxed atmosphere.

The culmination of the meeting was a friendly volleyball game between the teams of MSVU and the Investigative Committee.

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