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Investigators honoured memory of victims of the Great Patriotic War

Today, on June 22, young investigators of the Office of the Investigation Committee of Brest region and the city of Minsk participated in a requiem meeting dedicated to the 74th anniversary of the outburst of the Great Patriotic War. 

A solemn ceremony was held in the Brest Hero-Fortress Memorial Complex. In a symbolic place for every Belarusian, Brest investigators and their colleagues from Minsk honoured the memory of our defenders with a moment of silence. Reconstruction of the defence of the Brest Fortress demonstrating the first minutes of war reminded of events that carved the eternal scars on the heart of our land. 

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia, who attended the event, noted that “the heroic defence of the Brest Fortress is a symbol of unity and ability to overcome danger together and defeat it. We are standing here today because the fortress defenders defeated the enemy”. 

And these words capture the whole essence of the event taking place at the memorial complex.

It is unity that is a key to success in the greatest hardships of our history.

And unity of investigators is the key to fighting the crime.