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Investigators substantiate the circumstances surrounding the death of a worker in a mine. A criminal case has been initiated (photo, video)

The Investigative Committee has initiated a criminal case under the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus, Article 303, Part 2 (violation of mining operations safety rules resulting in a death through negligence), on the death of a worker and serious injuries of another worker upon the collapse of the mineral primary rocks at the first mine group of the Belaruskali OJSC.
It is found that on April 25, during the mining operations for the arched support replacement in one of roadway plots, mineral primary rock collapsed resulting in death of one miner and serious injuries of another miner, who was taken to the intensive care unit of a health care institution. The both are the subcontractor’s employees.
It should be noted that an investigative team has been working at the site of the accident from the first minutes of the tragedy. Investigators of the Central Office of the Investigative Committee, specialising in the investigation of this category criminal cases left to coordinate actions at the site. The investigative group has recovered and is thoroughly examining technical documentation; a number of expert studies has been commissioned, including a forensic psychiatric examination to determine the exact cause of the death and the severity of injuries the victim suffered. The investigators consider a human factor, namely violation of safety rules during mining operations, as one of the main reasons for the collapse of mineral primary rock.
The Investigative Committee will inform the public on the investigation conducted to the utmost explicitly; however it will take into account interests of the investigation and rules of the criminal procedure legislation.

Running commentary of Alexey Klimovich, official representative of the Investigative Committee: