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Murder, robbery, carjacking and fraud. Investigators disclose details of criminal group activities in Borisov district

The Main Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee disclosed details of investigating the criminal case of the murder of a 39-year-old resident of Borisov.

According to the investigation, in the evening of January 21, 2021, law enforcement agencies was reported the unknown disappearance of a resident of the district center. His body was found with no signs of life on the following day in the forest of the Borisov district. The scene environment indicated that the death was of a criminal nature. It became clear that it was necessary to reconstruct the events of that day bit by bit, to establish those involved in this crime and their motives.

During the operational search activities, police officers figured out that a man had recently been communicating with a 41-year-old local resident and lent her a considerable amount of money, more than USD 4,000 in total. The woman was in no hurry to return the debt and decided to «settle this issue» in a different way. For help, she turned to her 41-year-old lover from the Borisov district.

Upon learning that the lender was in the woods, the couple went to him. The conversation was a failure and the 39-year-old man was fatally wounded.

Police officers detained the couple, but during interrogation the two said they were not involved in the murder of the man and did not see him that day.

After a while, pressed by the evidence, the woman decided to tell her version of what had happened: she herself did not take part in the murder and was not at the crime scene, but she knows that her lover dealt the fatal blows while just defending himself.

The investigation established one more important detail: after the commission of the crime, the accused woman intentionally sent messages to the deceased, thus creating an artificial alibi.

The man, in turn, went on denying his involvement. He hoped that the investigators would not be able to get to the truth, because he burned his belongings after committing the murder, and that day he «accidentally left his mobile phone at home». Moreover, the accused also created an artificial alibi for himself and declared afterwards that it was self-defense. The man failed to confuse experienced law enforcers.

This version raised certain questions, because at that time the investigators already had at their disposal the findings of olfactory (examination of odor traces) and psychophysiological examinations made by State Forensic Examination Committee experts, the results of operational search activities that indicated the direct participation of the couple in the murder.

In addition, thanks to the well-coordinated work of law enforcers, it was possible to establish that the man may be involved in a robbery committed in the autumn of 2016 in the Borisov district. In that case, three unknown people broke into the house at night, tied the owners (a man and a woman) and stole money and belongings using violence. The total damage amounted to more than 11 thousand rubles.

The investigation found that the accused, together with his friends (33 and 34 years old), elaborated a criminal plan. Every detail was thought through: they bought masks and gloves, left their mobile phones at home. The men set off «to do the job» at night by car, which, in order not to attract attention, was left nearby in the forest. They communicated with the victims by gestures and demands written on paper so that the victims were not able not identify their voices. They fled the scene in a car belonging to the victims, and later left it in the forest.

But any plan, even the most scrupulous, has its drawbacks: biological samples of the two attackers remained at the scene. Subsequently, they were seized and examined by State Forensic Examination Committee specialists.

Police officers detained the men. In the course of interrogations, the accomplices confessed and told about the crime committed, and then, in confrontations, they exposed the organizer - a 41-year-old resident of the Borisov district.

In addition, during the searches conducted at the criminal group members, law enforcers found the property stolen in 2016, and the organizer also had the carcass of a roe deer, which he obtained while poaching.

Understanding the case details, the investigators could establish that the crimes trail leads not only to men, but to a 41-year-old woman residing in Borisov. The deceased was not the only person whose money she obtained fraudulently. There were also facts of incitement to bribery: money was taken for a favorable solution to the issue of re-registering house ownership and amending the purpose of the premises. In total, the woman accused received criminal income in the amount of about USD 30,000. She spent money on personal needs, including in gambling clubs.

The result of the painstaking work of law enforcers was the prosecution of 4 defendants under various articles of the Criminal Code:

41-year-old resident of the Borisov district, under:
  • paragraphs 6, 8, 12, 15, Part 2 of Article 139 (murder committed with extreme cruelty, in order to conceal another crime, for selfish reasons, by a group of persons);
  • Part 2 of Article 205 (theft committed repeatedly by a group of persons);
  • Part 3 of Article 207 (robbery committed on a particularly large scale, with penetration into a home, by a group of persons);
  • Part 2 of Article 214 (carjacking committed by a group of persons by prior agreement);
  • Part 2 of Article 282 (illegal hunting that caused large-scale damage);
41-year-old resident of Borisov, under:
  • paragraphs 6, 8, 12, 15, Part 2 of Article 139 of the Criminal Code (murder committed with extreme cruelty, in order to conceal another crime, for selfish reasons, by a group of persons);
  • Part 4 of Article 209 (fraud committed repeatedly, on a particularly large scale);
  • Part 5 of Article 16 and Part 1 of Article 431 (incitement to bribery);
  • Part 5 of Article 16 and Part 2 of Article 431 (repeated incitement to bribery);
33-year-old and 34-year-old residents of Borisov, under:
  • Part 3 of Article 207 (robbery committed on a particularly large scale, with penetration into a home, by a group of persons) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus.
With the sanction of the Deputy Prosecutor General all the accused were remanded in custody as a preventive measure.

The investigation is complete.

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