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Mutually beneficial cooperation: the regular meeting with representatives of FBI was held in the Investigative Committee

Recently within the framework of the agreements reached previously, the regular visit of the officers of FBI of the USA to the Investigative Committee of Belarus took its place. In the course of the visit, the working meetings were held, where the issues of international cooperation on counteraction of new challenges and threats in informational space were discussed.

In addition, the conversation was about bilateral cooperation upon investigation of crimes, examined by criminal investigation department of crimes against the cyber security and intellectual property of the central investigation department of the Investigative Committee of Belarus. Law-enforcement officers of two countries exchanged opinions regarding the receipt of additional evidence with regard to one of criminal cases due to circumstances of unauthorized use of malicious software, as well as embezzlement from the accounts of American companies for the total amount of more than 1,3 million US dollars.

It is planned to hold activities and legal proceedings through joint efforts of American and Belarusian law-enforcement officers, in a result of which to establish all members of international criminal group. Some members of this group, by the way, are already indicted for their crimes committed in the territory of Belarus and serve the sentence of imprisonment, imposed to them by the court.

The request on rendering legal assistance, submitted by the competent judicial authority of the USA was also executed completely in the course of the visit. The information, provided by Belarusian investigators, will allow American colleagues to proceed with further work on substantiating the facts of commitment of this and other crimes against cyber security. 

This visit is the demonstration of effective and productive collaboration and cooperation of law-enforcement officers of two countries within the framework of memorandum of understanding, signed on January 30, 2018 in headquarters of FBI in Washington by the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Belarus, Ivan Noskevich, and deputy director of the FBI of the USA, Paul Abbate.