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Plans for joint meeting of investigation committees of Belarus, Russia, Armenia in Gomel

The third joint session of the boards of the investigation committees of Belarus, Russia, and Armenia is supposed to take place in Gomel.

The Investigative Committee's First Deputy Chairman Alexei Volkov met with Head of the International Cooperation Office of the Russian Federation Investigative Committee Oleg Mikhailov in Minsk.

The sides discussed some aspects of organization of the third joint session. Practical aspects were in focus, in particular, vocational training and career enhancement for personnel of the Belarusian and Russian agencies thanks to assistance of the educational institutions of Russia's Investigative Committee and the Institute for Retraining and Qualification Upgrading of Judges, Prosecutors and Legal Professionals at the Belarusian State University.

The sides discussed the practice of cooperation in investigating criminal cases within the framework of the 1993 Convention on Legal Aid and Legal Relations on Civil, Family, and Criminal Cases and other international law instruments designed to fight crime.

The Russian Federation is Belarus' main partner in providing legal assistance on criminal cases. The share of requests for legal assistance sent to Russia and received from the relevant Russian agencies is close to 70% of the total number.