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Responsibility for the provision of services that do not meet safety requirements should be individualised and strengthened

“Local authorities should tighten control over the work of private amusement rides and holding of mass cultural events”, said Valentin Shaev, Chairman of the Investigative Committee, at the coordination meeting (due to the fact of the children’s traumatising) with the Administration of Gorki District Executive Committee and representatives of the law enforcement agencies of the district.

According to the Head of the Agency, this is not the first case in the country with similar circumstances. “We determine the guilty, bring cases to the court. But, apparently, first and foremost local authorities should deal with this in more detail because city and district executive committees are responsible for the mass cultural events and their safety in the first instance. The accident that occurred in Gorki on May 4 is unacceptable. So I couldn’t help coming here and studying out the causes of the accident in detail on the spot. We have yet to establish the perpetrators and bring them to responsibility”, said Valentin Shaev.

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee also ordered the investigators to study the possibility of making additions to the criminal law to individualise responsibility for actions like those occurred in Gorki. It is necessary to strengthen the criminal responsibility for the provision of such services, both individually and when organising mass cultural events including those involving children. “I think that the organisers’s should bear more serious responsibility for any mass cultural event”, said Valentin Shaev.

Investigators initiated a criminal case under the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus, Article 338, Part 1 (provision of services with knowledge that they do not meet the requirements for safety of the consumers’ life and health, resulting in causing less serious bodily harm through negligence).

The Head of the Investigative Committee thoroughly learned the process of the investigation of the accident in Gorki when on May 4 about 5 p.m. two inflatable activity centres turned over, nine children were there at that moment. All children with injuries of varying severity were promptly taken to a health care institution.

An individual entrepreneur who provided these inflatable activity centres has been taken in custody. Currently, they are deciding whether to put him under restraint in the form of detention. The property of the suspect in the amount of more than 100 million roubles has been seized in order to guarantee compensation for the harm caused to the victims, as well as for the expenses of the state for the treatment of the children.

The investigators consider improper fulfillment of safety requirements to be the basic version of the accident. The inflatable activity centres were not fixed, that was one of the reasons of their turnover.

Nine forensic psychiatric examinations, including examination of soil on soil study from the metal pegs recovered from individual entrepreneur have been commissioned under the criminal case. Witnesses of the accident, parents and relatives of the injured children have been interviewed.

An investigation team of the most experienced investigators has been formed by the Administration of the Investigative Committee for Mogilev Region. The investigation is under personal control of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee.

During his working trip, Valentin Shaev also visited the injured children at hospital, gave them presents from the Belarusian Volleyball Federation and wished them a speedy recovery.