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Robbery at a jewelry store in Minsk: suspects detained

On the morning of August 17, 2019, at about 11:30, two unidentified persons entered the trading floor of the store, sprayed pepper gas, and handcuffed the sellers. Then they smashed display cases, took mostly gold jewelry and disappeared.

As a result of urgent investigative actions and search actions the persons suspected of involvement in assault are determined.

This year on September, 3, two men were detained: a 36-year-old previously convicted resident of Minsk and a 37-year-old previously convicted resident of Minsk region.
At the place of residence of suspects and their relatives, searches were made during which the material evidence confirming participation of the detainees in the committed robbery were withdrawn. Besides that, by means of special technical means in the house of mother of one of them the hiding place was found where part of the stolen jewelry was stored.

According to the suspects, they have sold the rest of the stolen property on the territory of Russia by the time of detention. This information is being verified.
During the inventory carried out by the employees of the shop it is established that more than one thousand items of jewelry with a total value of more than one million rubles, money and the server containing records of surveillance cameras in jewelry shop are stolen. Thus, the place where the server was thrown out in the river Svisloch is established. Computer and technical expertise has been assigned to the media recovered from the river bottom. 

During the investigation, data were obtained on the possible involvement of the detainees in the commission of three more robberies in private houses in 2018-2019 in Minsk. All criminal cases are connected in one judicial proceeding, investigation is entrusted to the Criminal Investigations Division in Minsk.
Besides that, investigators together with police officers determined one more suspect of the commission of the above-mentioned assaults in Minsk who was also detained on September, 3 – a 43-year-old previously convicted Minsk resident. His role in the events of August 17 is currently being determined.

At the moment, the necessary investigative and other procedural actions aimed at clarifying the circumstances of the incident are being carried out with the detainees. 

The criminal investigation is continuing.