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The circumstances of the death of the man, whose body was brought to the police building in Cherikov, have been established

The investigation department of the Department of the Investigative Committee for the Mogilev Region completed the investigation of a criminal case on causing grievous bodily harm to a 40-year-old resident of Cherikov, which resulted in the death of a man.

According to the investigation, in the fall of last year, the victim and three of his acquaintances were in the Russian Federation, where they were carrying out repair and construction work. On the evening of October 16, after drinking alcohol, a quarrel broke out between the victim and one of the 44-year-old workers, as a result of which the latter struck the man multiple blows and kicks on various parts of the body, including the head, and left him in the room.

After some time, the victim was found unconscious. The accused, along with another 39-year-old worker, took him to the bathroom and began to provide emergency assistance, but the victim never regained consciousness. Realizing that the man had most likely died, they woke up a fourth 33-year-old worker, reported the incident, believing that the victim's condition was related to alcohol poisoning, and jointly decided to return home. The victim was put on shoes, put in the car and fastened with a belt so that during the trip people around him thought that he was sleeping.

Upon returning to the Republic of Belarus, the men immediately went to the Cherikov police department. They explained to the police officers that on the way from Russia after drinking alcoholic beverages their acquaintance had died in his sleep.

The results of the examination showed that the victim died from grievous bodily harm inflicted on him. All three were arrested on suspicion of committing a crime. To establish the circumstances of the incident, the investigators interrogated the suspects and witnesses, conducted confrontations, investigative experiments, numerous examinations and seizures.

Throughout the investigation, the accused, who beat the victim, changed his testimony regarding his participation in the crime, trying to incriminate a 39-year-old acquaintance. However, during the investigation it was established that the latter was not involved in the beating of the victim.

In turn, expert studies have confirmed the attempt of the 44-year-old accused to provide emergency assistance to the deceased. During the investigative experiment, he demonstrated the nature of his actions, both deliberate and careless, which he committed in relation to the victim. According to the results of the investigation, the man was charged under Part 3 of Article 147 (causing grievous bodily harm, resulting in the death of the victim by negligence) of the Criminal Code. A preventive measure was applied to him in the form of detention.

In relation to the brother of the accused, the criminal prosecution was terminated due to the absence of corpus delicti in his actions. According to the materials of the criminal case, at the time of the beating of the victim, he was asleep and was not aware of the violent nature of the death of the latter, as well as his brother's involvement in the crime.

In the course of the investigation of the criminal case, it was established that the 39-year-old man knew that the 44-year-old accused had caused grievous bodily harm, resulting in the death of the victim by negligence, while he did not report this to the law enforcement agencies, and also kept silent about this when conducting with him investigative and procedural actions. Including the investigators found that the man for a long time avoided paying alimony for the maintenance of his minor daughter.

According to the results of the investigation, he was charged under Part 1 of Article 406 (failure to report a reliably committed especially grave crime, a reliably known person who committed this crime and the location of such a person) and Part 1 of Article 174 (evasion of parents of more than three months during the year from the payment of funds for the maintenance of minor children by court order) of the Criminal Code. A preventive measure in the form of detention was applied to the man.

The criminal case was transferred to the prosecutor for referral to the court.

Official representative of Administration of the Investigative Committee for Mogilev Region
Anastasia Lavrinovich