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The investigation completed work at the crash site in Baranovichi

According to the investigation, today at 12:32 pm, the Baranovichi City Department of Internal Affairs received a message about the fall of the Yak-130 combat trainer on the Rosa Luxemburg street in the private sector.

According to the data received, during the training flight, the crew discovered a technical malfunction. The pilots tried to take the plane away from the settlement and, after making sure that the trajectory of the plane's fall was outside the residential buildings, the pilots ejected. Both pilots died on the spot from their injuries.

An investigative and operational group immediately left for the crash site. Taking into account the need to inspect a large number of objects, officers of the Department of Investigation Committee in Brest region and the central office of the Investigative Committee, including the forensic department and the department for investigating crimes against the interests of the service and the procedure for performing military duties, also were present at the site. In addition, mobile forensic laboratories were involved. The work was carried out in cooperation with the staff of the State Committee of Forensic Examinations and the Ministry of Defense. Police officers promptly secured the cordon off the perimeter of the accident, in order to limit the admission of unauthorized persons to the inspection zone.

The work on the scene was coordinated by the First Deputy Chairman of the Investigative Committee Oleg Shandarovich and the head of the Department of Investigation Committee for Brest region Dmitry Konoplyanik.

The Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case under part 2 of article 465 (violation of the rules of flights or preparation for them, resulting in the death of two persons by negligence) of the Criminal Code of Belarus.

At present, the inspection of the scene of the incident has been completed, the trace picture has been recorded in detail, witnesses and servicemen of the air base are being questioned, a number of necessary expert studies have been assigned. All the circumstances of the incident are being established. The progress of the criminal investigation is under the control of the Head of the State.

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