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The investigation of criminal case regarding the murder of 19 years old girl in Kirovskiy District

The Investigative Department of the Administration of the Investigative Committee of Mogilev Region completed investigation of the criminal case regarding 17 years old resident of the village of Selitsa of Kirovskiy District, of the accused in commission of the murder of his group mate.

It is established that on May 29 of current year the 19 years old girl returned home after the classes by bus. When she got off at the public transport stop in the village of Selitsa of Kirovskiy District, she met her group mate. In process of the quarrel, happened between them, the guy she knew hit the girl by his hand to her chest, as a result of which she fell. After that the accused presses the neck of the accused with the wooden shank of manual cultivator until the girl stopped to show signs of life.

After the committed crime, the accused, with a purpose of suppression of traces of crime, pulled off the body of the girl from the place of crime to the distance of about 60 meters to the vantage ground, where the dense grass and vegetation are grown, where he left her, having stolen her personal possessions and documents herewith.

Pursuant to the conclusion of comprehensive psychological and psychiatric examination, the accused to the full extent realized the meaning of his actions and could govern it.

The investigators presented the final accusation in commission of the crime, property theft and misappropriation of personal documents (part 1, clause 139, part 1, clause 205, clause 378 of the Criminal Code).

The criminal case was transferred to the prosecutor for submission to the court.