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The Investigative Committee Hosts a Task Meeting with the Representatives of Kazakhstan’s Internal Affairs Ministry

On April 11, 2018, the central administrative office of The Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus hosted a task meeting. Alexei Volkov, the committee’s First Deputy Chairman, spoke to Rashid Zhakupov, the Deputy Minister of Kazakhstan Ministry of Internal Affairs, who supervises preliminary investigation issues.

The colleagues from Kazakhstan came to Belarus to take part in the international research-to-practice conference “Improving Investigation within the Context of Informatization” held by the Investigative Committee.

At the meeting the parties discussed ways to enhance the criminal procedure and investigation activities through introducing scientific and technological innovations, as well as certain aspects of cooperation between investigative forces and inquiry and prosecution agencies at the pre-trial stage.

The delegations from Belarus and Kazakhstan exchanged their opinions on the issues that investigators face when investigating into crimes, such as drug trafficking, illegal migration, as well as those related to information technologies, etc.

As requested by the colleagues from Kazakhstan, the representatives of the Investigative Committee went into details of procedural controls, as well as staffing, analytical, and methodological support of the committee’s activities.

The task meeting has contributed to reinforcing the cooperation between the committee and Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs on criminal law issues.