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The Investigative Committee is investigating a criminal case on the publication of citizens' data

The Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee continues the investigation of the criminal case against persons who published private and other personal data of officials and public figures.

The investigation established that employees of a telecommunications organization, having access to private and other personal data of customers, transferred them for use in destructive telegram channels and subsequent publication in the public domain. One of these employees received a monetary reward in cryptocurrency for this.

All persons involved in illegal activities have been identified by employees of the Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption (GUBOPiK) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus. At the time of the crimes, a 24-year-old man was working as a sales specialist, while his 35-year-old colleague was a telecommunications engineer.

At the moment, the investigation has identified more than 150 persons, from among heads and employees of various law enforcement agencies, judges, journalists, public figures, whose private and other personal data were transferred by the employees of RUE Beltelecom.

The purpose of the activities of these citizens was to assist the administrators of the telegram channels "Punishers of Belarus", "Black Book of Belarus", other destructive telegram channels, in inciting social hostility and discord, in the commission of preparatory actions for illegal actions, including the use of violence, the expression of threats to use violence, destruction and damage of property against officials of state bodies and educational institutions, employees of internal affairs bodies and military personnel of the internal troops, judges, prosecutors, journalists and public figures.

Within the criminal case the investigators questioned the accused, victims and witnesses. Examinations of the seized computer equipment, mobile phones, Internet resources were carried out. It was established that the private and other personal data transferred to the administrators of the telegram channels were published both separately with the attachment of photographs taken from the media, or made by unidentified persons when performing official activities, and in lists formed according to the place of service.

Criminal cases were initiated against men and administrators of the telegram channels under the following articles of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus:
  • Part 3 Article 130 (deliberate actions aiming to incite other social hostility or discord on the basis other social affiliation, committed by a group of persons);
  • Article 198 (obstruction of lawful journalists professional activity);
  • Article 364 (violence or threat of violence against employees of internal affairs bodies);
  • Article 365 (interference in the activities of an employee of internal affairs bodies);
  • Article 366 (violence or threat against an official performing official duties or another person performing a public duty);
  • Article 389 (threat against a judge or people's assessor).
Pre-trial restrictions in the form of detention were applied to the accused.

The investigation of the criminal case continues in cooperation with the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs; currently, investigative and procedural actions are being carried out to complete the investigation.

Commentary of representatives of the Investigative Committee and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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