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The investigators find out the circumstances of the attempted murder in Minsk Region

The Department of the Investigative Committee for Minsk Region investigates the circumstances of detecting an explosive object under a car.

In the afternoon, April 4 this year, an object similar to a grenade was found at one of the auto-centers, located in Minsk District, during the acceptance of a BMW car for maintenance by station employees
According to the danger report, emergency services arrived at the scene immediately and people were evacuated for safety reasons. An object similar to a grenade was removed and deactivated by the sapper-pyrotechnic group.

The crime scene investigation team is currently inspecting the vehicle, examining the seized service documents and CCTV footage, and questioning the auto-center staff and the woman who drove the vehicle for service.

The investigators have initiated criminal proceedings under Article 14 and Part 2 of Article 139 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus (attempted murder by socially dangerous means).

Investigative actions and criminal intelligence operations aimed at identifying persons involved in illegal actions and all the circumstances of the incident are being carried out. The work of the investigation team at the scene of the incident is coordinated by Andrey Lis, Head of the Department of the Investigative Committee for Minsk Region.

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