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The President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko had the visit from the Chairman of the Investigative Committee with the report

The President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko warned law enforcement officials against prosecution of criminal cases by bringing of innocent people to responsibility. The head of the state declared about it, while having the visit from the chairman of the Investigative Committee, Ivan Noskevich, with the report, according to the correspondent of BELTA

“In these recent times, especially in connection with these doctors and those scoundrels, who fed and robbed children in the school, there are such sentiments in society: “well, probably, there was no need to imprison doctors”. Everyone is equal in the eyes of the law, but also we have to remember one thing: neither God, nor people will forgive us, if we punish the innocent person. If we cannot prove, it’s better not to touch this person. If he is a scoundrel – he’ll be end up behind the bars anyway, Alexander Lukashenko said. – So it’s not possible under any circumstances to offend the innocent person”.

The President noticed that in the past, especially in Soviet years, police worked according to the principle – just to solve a crime. “Well, let it be better unsolved, than we’ll solve it and pin on the innocent person. That’s what all people must understand. And whatever collective you are in, you must speak about it. But if we feel quite strongly that he committed the crime, he won’t find it funny. Especially if he is a public officer, the person with shoulder-boards (it’s the same, actually) – their punishment must be doubled”, the head of the state declared. 

Alexander Lukashenko was interested in the work of the Investigative Committee at the moment, and asked if there are any shortcomings in the activity of department. The President underlined that they must be eliminated. “I keep a close eye on the work of Investigative Committee. Of course, I am concerned, because back in our days we took radical steps, while modernizing and actually reforming our law enforcement agencies. Investigative authorities are separated from all agencies and takes the separate, top-ranking place, because you are at the finish, you return result”, the President brought to the notice. 

He pointed out that a lot of countries, including Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, took the line of reforms of law enforcement agencies. However, they could not achieve representative results. “But we are resolved and follow this course: investigative authorities must be independent, if we want to have certain and effective results, - the head of the state is sure. – I considered your application regarding the Institution of advanced training. I didn’t adopt any decision. As usual, I want to hear the alternative, if it is. The decision will be adopted based on the results. If the alternative is, we’ll discuss it with you for sure”.

According to Alexander Lukashenko, the meeting regarding the work of all defense and law enforcement agencies will be held at an early date, where among other things the work of Investigative Department will be considered in details. Administration of the President already prepares this arrangement. “We will pay more attention there to what we’ll have to do”, the head of the state said. 

As Ivan Noskevich noted, last year the Investigative Committee focused, first of all, on impartial and comprehensive investigation of criminal cases, prevention of bringing of innocent persons to responsibility. “I can say with full confidence that we made certain progress in that”, he declared. 

After his report to the President of Belarus, the chairman of the Investigative Committee told the journalists about the process of investigation into the murder of businessman from Berezino. 

“We have very serious progress in this crime solution. After carrying out of some more certain operative actions and investigative activities for revision of available information, together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs we will already make the results of investigation public. We will declare to the public, what we are aware about this criminal case, what is the background of its commission, whom and how it was committed. The whole required information will be distributed to the society. It will happen quite soon.

This criminal case became not just resonant, but also milestone for the country. Because it was committed quite evidently, in public, with the use of firearms, with the destruction of the car. The businessman died. Great and serious importance was attached to this case, including by means of mass media. And the head of the state regularly demands the report on the results of carried out work both from the minister of the internal affairs and me”, Ivan Noskevich noted. 

In addition to it, the actual information in the case of double murder in Stolbtsy was provided. 

“Quite a lot of investigative activities were already carried out with regard to this criminal case. The accident picture is practically clear for us. At the moment the primary objective for the investigators is to clear up not how it has happened (it is quite clear already), but why it has happened. To a certain extent we have some answers already, obtained out of the testimonies of suspect. After keeping of silence within three days, he began to give testimony. Although, at the moment we take quite a critical look at everything he tells, because his testimonies are not always relevant to the objective accident picture.

With the help of available technological means, we got the access to his mobile telephone, the information from which he carefully erased before resorting to such move. Actually, he deleted all records from his mobile phone and from his home computer. Now we possess this information. I will not disclose now for legal reasons the information found in that phone. But to some extent it will throw light on motivation of his actions”, Ivan Noskevich said.

According to the materials of BelTA