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The resident of Cherikov transferred more than 51 thousand dollars to fake brokers

Cherikov District Department of the Investigative Committee is investigating a criminal case against an unidentified person who fraudulently misappropriate of funds on an especially large scale (Part 4 of Article 209 of the Criminal Code).

According to the investigation, in August 2020, a 28-year-old resident of Cherikov in one of the social networks saw an announcement about the possibility of additional income on the Internet. The man filled out the proposed form, after which a personal specialist contacted him and offered to take part in brokerage activities. For this, the victim opened an account on the “Inquot” exchange platform, where he transferred 250 dollars.

After a while, he was offered to earn money on the supposed changes in the price of “Apple” shares. The man agreed and transferred 8 thousand dollars. When he decided to cash out 200 dollars, this amount was immediately transferred to his virtual account, which put off the victim’s guard.

After some time, a representative of the platform offered to earn more money on transactions with bitcoins. For these purposes, the man transferred 16 thousand dollars. When the victim decided to cash out all the funds, they demanded him to pay supposed various fees and commissions, after which they completely stopped communicating. Thus, from August to November 2020, the man transferred more than 51 thousand dollars to unidentified persons. Part of this amount was his personal savings, the rest of the money the victim borrowed from friends.

Investigators seized and examined the man’s mobile device, with the help of which he corresponded and called up with representatives of the platform. Requests to obtain information on the movement of funds on the accounts of the victim were sent to the bank.
Investigators once again remind that theft of funds by fraud often occurs under the guise of trading in financial markets. In this regard, we do not recommend trusting bright slogans and “fantastic” get-rich-quick promises. Before transferring funds to such an Internet resource, check the reviews about this broker from existing clients.

Official representative of the Department of the Investigative Committee for Mogilev Region
Anastasiya Lavrinovich