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The results of the work for 2018 were summarized at the meeting of the board of the Investigative Committee

The meeting of the board, where the results of the work of agency for the last year were considered, and the principal directions of activity for 2019 were determined, was held in the central office of the Investigative Committee. 

The Deputy Secretary of State of the Security Council, Andrey Vtyurin, heads of interacting public authorities, members of the board of the Investigative Committee, chiefs of the range of structural subdivisions took part in the meeting chaired by the head of agency, Ivan Noskevich.

The chairman of the Investigative Committee, Ivan Noskevich noted in his introductory speech, that the last year a lot of dangerous criminals were convicted and prosecuted, a lot of headline-making criminal cases were investigated in cooperation with the other law enforcement authorities.

“Cooperation with our colleagues allowed to establish the suspected in more than 95% cases of commission of intentional homicides and in more than 99% of serious bodily injuries”, the head of the agency informed.

The first deputy of the Chairman, Aleksey Volkov, deputies of the Chairman, Sergey Azemsha and Andrey Smal made the presentation, the chief of Administration of the Investigative Committee in city of Minsk, Dmitriy Konoplyanik, head of Gomel regional administration, Sergey Pasko, chief of Administration of the Investigative Committee in Mogilev Region, Andrey Lis, and also the chiefs of the range of district subdivisions made the reports in the meeting.

Year’s results

In 2018 the Investigative Committee completed the proceedings on more than 48,3 thousand criminal cases, more than 58 thousand of criminal activity episodes were investigated.

The investigation of the range of high profile and labor intensive criminal cases is completed. For example, the cases regarding the officials of agro-industrial complex enterprises, which accepted bribes upon the procurement of feed additives and veterinary preparations, about the activity of two large trade online markets for the sale of narcotic substances and psychotropic drugs, with regard to which 37 persons were involved as the accused, were transferred to the prosecutor for submission to the court.
In addition to that, the investigation of the criminal case regarding the explosion at Skidel Sugar Factory, claimed the lives of four persons, was completed. According to the results of investigation, the investigators made the submissions on elimination of reasons and conditions, promoted the commission of crime, to the address of the Concern “Belgospishcheprom” and the Ministry for Emergency Situations.

Crime detection rate, investigated by subdivisions of the Investigative Committee, is at the level of the last year – following the results of 2018 it is 70,9%. Herewith the best result in the country is in Mogilev Region (75,3%).

Persistently high level of preliminary investigation efficiency is maintained. Second consecutive year the investigation of almost half (48,9%) of criminal cases is completed by 1 month. The share of cases, the investigation regarding which is completed by more than two months is increased a little bit – in the year just ended that index was 15,8% (14,8% - in 2017).

The amount of damage, compensated for in process of investigation, and the amount of property, arrested as a security of the damage, was 127,2 million rubles (124 million rubles for 2017).

The active prophylactic works are in progress. More than 90% of completed criminal cases were accompanied by presentations on elimination of infringement of law, reasons and conditions, promoted the commission of crimes, entered to the public authorities and governing bodies, as well as the other organizations. As a result of their consideration, the disciplinary actions were applied to more than 2,4 thousand of officials, 197 of whom are removed from office, and the measures of material influence were applied to almost two thousand of them. 

The deputy Secretary of State of the Security Council, Andrey Vtyurin, commented the results of the work, and noted that the investigative agency in its activity achieves positive results in total. 

Plans for 2019

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee underlined again that the establishment of identity of persons, committed crimes, is the matter of honor both for the officers of the Investigative Committee and the other law enforcement authorities.

“We have to proceed with improvement of the methods of crime investigation, approaches to analysis and systematization of criminal case files and material evidences, study and application of advanced, including the foreign one, experience”, Ivan Noskevich noted.

In the first half year of the current year, it is planned to carry out the study of the state of organization of work with investigators, appointed for the first time to the positions in subdivisions of the Investigative Committee, and which have the length of investigation of less than two years. The active work on establishment of Department Institution of Additional Education will be proceeded. 

In 2019 the Investigative Committee will proceed with the planned regulatory activity, including the project work of the Law “On alterations to the Criminal Procedure Code”, which governs the issues of copying of electronic information, particularities of carrying out of criminal procedure regarding the underage children, allowing for drawing up the “short” record of interrogation. 

The issues of the international cooperation with a purpose of improvement of the effectiveness in sphere of pre-trial criminal proceedings and study of experience of foreign countries on reforming of criminal proceeding, will remain to be of high priority.

In addition to that, the best territorial subdivisions pursuant to the effectiveness of investigation work were mentioned in the meeting of the board. Based on the results of the work for 2018, the following subdivisions are recognized to be the best:
  • Administration of the Investigative Committee of Brest Region;
  • Polotsk Interdistrict Department;
  • Svetlogorsk District Department;
  • Klimovichy District Department.
Shoulder boards and awards ceremony to the officers of the Investigative Committee took its place.