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"They couldn't understand why he was still alive": investigation of a terrible murder is completed

The investigation department of the Department of the Investigative Committee for the Mogilev Region completed the investigation of the criminal case of the murder with special rigidity of a 35-year-old resident of Bobruisk, two local residents, 28 and 19 years old, are accused of committing.

According to the investigation, on the evening of November 3 last year, the defendants went to the store after drinking alcohol. On the way, they met a visually familiar man who was alcoholic intoxicated. In order to take possession of his property, they attacked the victim and beat him. The defendants inflicted multiple blows to the man with hands and legs on various parts of the body, including vital organs. After that, the young people examined the pockets of his clothes and, finding nothing, took a package of products belonging to the victim.

At home, the defendants continued to drink alcohol, but after a while they returned to the scene to make sure that the man was dead. In the course of their criminal activities, young people took a piece of concrete and began to throw it on the victim's chest and head. After it seemed to them that the man had died, they returned home. The defendants washed their clothes and subsequently burned it. A day later, the young people were detained at their place of residence by police officers.

Inspection of the crime instrument

In the criminal case, the investigators carried out checks on the testimony of the accused, investigative experiments, numerous interrogations and examinations. The results of more than 25 examinations have been studied and included in the materials of the criminal case.

According to the results of the investigation, the actions of both accused were qualified under Part 3 of Article 207 (robbery committed by a group of persons, causing serious bodily injury), as well as under Clauses 6, 12, 15, Part 2 of Article 139 (murder committed by group of persons with particular cruelty for mercenary motives, associated with robbery) of the Criminal Code. A preventive measure in the form of taking into custody was applied to them.

Official representative of Administration of the Investigative Committee for Mogilev Region
Anastasia Lavrinovich